A man walks into a book store and asks the clerk if she could tell him where the “self-help” area is. She replied, “Of course I can, but that would defeat the purpose, now wouldn’t it?

Lol 🙂

According to my experience, there is something called learning (like learning math’s, English, philosophy, science etc.) and there is transforming through learning i.e. using the knowledge to expand your consciousness. It’s like, you can read about meditation or you actually sit down to do it. When I started enjoying reading (after school) my favorite were books by Osho (Rajneesh). His philosophy was breakthrough for me because it helped me question a lot of stuff happening around me. Initially I only enjoyed the idea of reading and talking about it all the time. May be, I couldn’t contain the wisdom or I was using it for my convenience in conversations etc. But, undeniably it turned me in to someone, who wanted to learn from her mistakes and choices.

Slowly and gradually through books (so many of them), I learnt how to become better version of myself. When we slowly train ourselves to improve, we start to experience life differently. Remember? How our parents would predict if you don’t study you would end up nowhere or fail.  We would consider our parents’ choice as ours, without actually considering that there are more options. Its human nature that we don’t focus on diagnosis, instead we buy the prognosis (prediction). I am not good with studies…ok that’s my diagnosis, but why will I not end up anywhere? That’s where it hurts and we get our wrong beliefs. There are so many that I have adopted from my surroundings unknowingly and knowingly.

For example, most of us believe that medicines are the solution to all our health issues. I still run to the doctor for all my kid health issues. The fear stops me from approaching other options (am working on this). But for myself, I did take a ‘U’ turn and started looking for symptoms even before they surface. I remember chronic acidity and major acne issues as a teenager. I don’t know how many antacid medz I swallowed. We all want a short cut to cure our problems. But then, Reiki (energy healing) happened, thanks to my elder sister who initiated me into this. Of course, there was no looking back. No one likes a face full of pimples. I use to drag my mom to so many doctors. But, what really helped me in that phase, was energy healing and life style changes. Today, I look for alternate options and check with my emotions to understand the root cause.

The point is that we need to change our perception only then we have the ability to control our environment. Also, when we overcome limited thinking more possibilities open up. Few months back I read this amazing book by Lisa Lister, where she helps you break down your powerful lunarmenstrual connection. This time I literally made notes during that time of the month with help of her book (am still learning). In fact, thanks to her, I started writing blogs when I naturally felt super creative/ motivated every month. It kind of empowers you to plan things in advance and take control of your body and understand the natural physical and emotional pattern. She even introduced me to some amazing authors that I must read.

I am not denying the risk and fear attached to trying new things. But that’s how I have been learning, by making mistakes or attracting experiences that pull me down so much that I have to go through a whole level of self-help (ufff…another belief pain is gain). There are a lot of books that helped me . Few of them came to me when I really needed them (through friends). In fact it seems, as if the books chose me.

Also, it’s good to read on various topics through different mediums (love mind valley videos). Sometimes we ignore things/words when we are reading a thick book. For example Kensho /satori  these terms came to my attention a lot recently, like when I was watching a mind valley video and did a bit of research. It had such an intense impact on me.  Similarly, I remember bringing this book from India for a beautiful friend …called “IKIGAI” (The Japanese secret of long &happy life), but didn’t have the inclination to open it then. Anyways I read about it online and just loved it! Your Ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing. Our ikigai is hidden deep inside each of us, and finding it requires a patient search. It is the reason we get up in the morning. Honestly, I just got my hands on the the book (reading PDF version was boring). I cant’t talk about it much as am still reading.

So, when I read about it for the first time, this is what I did:

Reference picture

The list (books) is endless,  but my point is… why not respect the possibility and keep an open mind for new pathways to heal and transform for better “YOU” . Here is a beautiful quote (she calls them messages)  from a book (part of my collection) called “It’s Easy To Be YOU”  by -Radhika Kawlra Singh.

Message no 275 ( When I open it, there is a message for me )

“Do not spend the rest of your life awaiting your path to open up. Work towards it and you are walking your path already!”

My mantra- Reading learning Transforming (RLT).  Just wanted to share my love for reading.

Books/authors that I am reading from last few months are as follows (some I mentioned above) :

  • Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King
  • Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Do share a book or an author’s name in the comment section (any genre), if you enjoyed reading the blog. You never know that your recommendation can help or educate or transform someone.

P.S. I read all kinds of books:) and not just self help.

Thank you!

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