Have you ever seen a doodle or been to a doodle workshop? Black and white perfect doodles? I am sure most of you have seen it and in case you haven’t…then just go ahead and type doodle on google and see what comes up or check out the link below.


Also, I was wondering who coined the word doodle? Guess what I found…

“The word doodle first appeared in the early 17th century to mean a fool or simpleton. It may derive from the German Dudeltopf or Dudeldop, meaning simpleton or noodle (literally “nightcap”). It is the origin of the early eighteenth century verb to doodle, meaning “to swindle or to make a fool of”.

In simple words or my words, to draw or scribble aimlessly. It’s funny but it says exactly what doodling is all about. Anyways did you search the word doodle on google? What did you see? I am asking because you’ll not only see beautiful doodles but also a lot of videos and techniques to create one. They are very attractive and am sure you would like to draw a doodle like that…right?

Guess Who?


Back then when I was in school, there was no awareness about doodle as an art form. As I said, in dictionary it means “scribble aimlessly.” Just recently, I realized how perfect these doodles are. I am not sure if they are anything close to aimless scribbling. Honestly, I wanted to conduct a doodle workshop (like the one you saw on google search) too. In fact in January, 2020 I was all set to do that. I know that’s nothing unique but sometimes it’s okay to teach what people and art centers want. But, I’ve finally come to a realization it doesn’t have to be a typical technical workshop anymore. Past ten years I have taught all kinds of painting and drawing workshops, and I feel 90% of them are only interested in the final result. I always say, art has helped me grow spiritually. It’s been my guiding light and I am not exaggerating. I would scribble everywhere in my notebooks. My tuition teacher was the only person who faintly liked them or gave compliments at times or my sisters who thought they were a creative mess (no kidding).

The best part is, I never tried to draw a perfect doodle in school, because I was not aware of what doodling is or looks like. I just naturally found it therapeutic and never stopped. If you give me a fresh crisp paper now,  I won’t enjoy it  as much I’ll enjoy doodling on a tissue paper, note books, newspaper, walls etc. So I was wondering why?  Simply, because I didn’t have an intention to prove or boast anything to the outside world. In other words, I was not trying to make a meaning out of it or defining it as good or bad or for social media. Many aimless scribbles got lost in time and space. I just did doodling whenever …wherever. Seriously, for me doodling is a spontaneous process, I can’t really plan the outcome. There is no beginning or end to it.

I am just sharing my thoughts… So I thought let’s give it a word, how about Organic doodling? Do let me know in the comment box if you like the title or have a suggestion? Because I would like to teach organic doodling and definitely taking it to a next level. Also, in times like these #quarantine #workfromhome #covid19 #etc why not doodle? Here is a doodle I made recently while on a telephone conversation @ work from home.



But of course, if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy scribbling for the sake of scribbling, instead you need a defined purpose to create something, or may be  self-therapy is not your thing, then my suggestion is,  take it as, combinatory play – “Einstein defined it  as an act of opening up one mental channel by dabbling in another”. In other words, it is taking two unrelated things and putting them together to generate new ideas. This is why he would often play violin when he had difficulty solving a mathematical puzzle.

When I started my artistic career, it was more about the end result. It took me roughly five years to focus and enjoy the process more. Today my work starts with a doodle and organically transforms in to an idea. Also, I must confess that, I am writing after a long time, thanks to a stressful 2018-2019, & now 2020. But, it’s also the time to scribble aimlessly, let go of future predictions/expectations and allow things to happen. I read somewhere (actually in a book ) that, royal palaces many centuries ago had institutionalized chamber called a ‘Kopa Bhavan’, the house of anger. A kopa bhavan was an assigned chamber a wife would go to when angry or upset with husband. It was indeed a very creative idea to manage polygamy in those days. But, imagine ‘doodle bhavan ‘to express all kinds of emotions.

My Work Desk

Here are few ideas- do it when you are listening to music, or in between reading or sipping a cup of coffee/tea or just bored. Doesn’t matter what surface, just be spontaneous about it. In fact, from the time my son learnt to hold a color, he has doodled on floors, T- shirts, walls, table, doors, mirror, etc. and it continues…I never stop him. 

In case, you need some push and guidance let’s do an online session. 

Also, If you have a doodle to share, please go ahead and share it on my Facebook page (link below) and tag #expressiveartsharsheet


Take care and Stay Safe!

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