I have realized art was not my chosen path, in fact the obvious one. When all my friends pursued or liked profession that would yield good financial return or at least sustainable ones. I had to consciously decide one fine day-art as a hobby or profession? As a middle impulsive child, sandwiched between 90% and 80%, I could only manage 50% with a lot of hard work and cheating. So academics was out of the question. It was beyond me at all levels.

So, Art in school, college and life…What have I learnt? Why do I continue doing it?

Simple, it was and it is therapy for me. I remember back in the day, I was completely divorced from myself, living more in my head (even now), but today am more aware of the fact that to grow upwards, you also need to work and understand your root issues. In other words, it’s a two way process.  You can’t reach up there (mind body balance etc) without working on your foundation. Sadly, parents(only handful) and school don’t teach that and maybe, that’s why we manifest unnecessary stuff a lot more. They don’t equip us with techniques to deal with the challenges in life(am not blaming). So, what do you do? You take a long road to learn and explore this:

What’s my soul’s purpose? What do you want to create? What am I doing to do that?

Let me tell you a short story of a curly frizzy middle child, who thought of taming her frizzy hair  several times with Keratin (hair straightening) hahah. The kid who couldn’t fit in the crowd then and for sure not even now ( there is no point). Experiences in life slipped her in to the world of colors each time she thought happiness is outside of her. She learnt to walk and talk with her independent self through her sketch files. Her work , reflection of her mind, her life…each stage with a different expressive pattern. Sadly, she wanted to fit in to the BIG art world too, for the longest time like any other amateur artist . Of course, she couldn’t. Sometimes she thought it was her style of work, or inconsistent approach or it was good enough, or she sucks at marketing skills (which is true). But art work continued…creative swim was far more important than all the knockers she met inside and outside of her.

Why?  Unknowingly art became her escape first, and slowly one of the medium for self-growth. She understood, art is not a hobby or profession but a way of life in true sense. So, eventually she started loving her curly frizzy self (minus bad hair days).

In simple words, art therapy persists. It not only helps me but  it also gives immense pleasure when I see a happy student.

Following therapeutic experiments were done during hibernation for the next BIG move (new venture).

Just sharing , Its very simple :

  1. Bring all the trash or not so important stuff on the table.

2. Glue them with a medium ( texture white or  Gesso or  gel mediums).

3. Finally, paint here and there.

4. Don’t stop, or judge your artwork- Just express with what is available to have fun!

Khalaas…its done! in 2 hours and Its not rocket science.  Art therapy with a technical twist. Enjoy @ your pace and space.

Thank you for reading it! Feedback plz:)

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